BOMBSHELL: “Obama Army” Deployed To Defeat Benjamin Netanyahu



Anyone who has paid attention to the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu knows that Obama doesn’t hide his dislike for the Israeli Prime Minister.  It’s no secret that Netanyahu’s planned address to a joint session of Congress in March has greatly upset Obama.  When the media asked him if he would be meeting with the prime minister, he said no. His lame reasoning was that the prime minister’s trip is occurring too close to the Israeli elections in March, and the White House doesn’t want to be seen as interfering.

Now sources are saying that Obama isn’t just interfering with those elections, he is actively trying to oust Benjamin Netenyahu from office.  Reports found that there is significant and direct involvement in that critical election by a top Obama strategist as well as indirect involvement by the State Department under the direction of Secretary John Kerry. It would, therefore, be logical to suggest that U.S. taxpayer funds may be in play to try to remove Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the Daily Caller,

“A top appointee in President Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign is now working to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming March election.

Jeremy Bird was the national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, and he’s now working for an Israel-based group, dubbed V15, an anti-Netanyahu group that is backed by a U.S. -U.K. group titled “One Voice.”

The One Voice website describes the group as the “civil society partner for peace”. Their goal is to mobilize support for the two-state solution, not just in the Middle East but across the globe. It just so happens that they are backed by several left-wing groups and their advisers include the Muslim cleric who tried to build a mosque alongside the destroyed Twin Towers in New York.

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Led by Bird, the groups plan on recruiting thousands of volunteers across Israel to canvass homes across the country and encourage them to vote for anyone other than Netanyahu. They hope to knock on some 150,000 to 1 million doors.

WND has found that Jeremy Bird’s firm is composed of scores of former Obama campaign employees.  270 Strategies’ team of 45 staffers includes 16 who worked directly for Obama’s campaigns.  Most of the former Obama staffers comprise the senior posts at the firm. Others worked for the Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee or grassroots groups involved in progressive efforts, including a group to enroll Americans in Obamacare.

Netanyahu has opposed the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed back against Turkey and opposed Obama’s effort to sign a deal with Iran allowing them to have a nuclear weapons program. It’s no wonder Obama has sent a political army to try and defeat him.



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