‘Baltimore Thug’ Has THIS To Say After Bloody Pic Of Man He ‘Beat’ Went Viral

While it’s important for a news organization to bring you breaking news, it’s also paramount that when someone is falsely accused of an accusation, that we help to set the record straight.

A few days ago, we brought you a story about man by the name of Anthoni Drakhan, whose Facebook post made it appear as if he had beat up a white man, and then following the assault, provided the address of where the bleeding man could be picked up.

racist-backlash-post (1)

After the story went viral, Drakhan contacted us directly, and said the picture was completely fake, and that the bloody picture was posted after someone hacked his Facebook account. We looked into this, and verified that Drakhan was in fact telling the truth, as the photo was originally posted on Instagram 54 weeks ago, from Instagram user “Seannn20.”


“My page was hacked. One of my interns found the original picture. As you see this picture is 54wks old,” Drakhan stated.

Drakhan said that this incident has affected him on a deeply personal level, as his 17-year-old daughter is now the target of vicious threats after the fake post began to spread like wildfire.

“I would like to say these past few days has really shown me how our world views other races, as a picture of me went viral. A whole social media world labeled me as a ‘thug’ [or] ‘n*gger’ preying on white counterparts. Unfortunately the picture was misconstrued.”


You don’t realize the damage this has cause the last couple of days. The hate messages and racial threats…and law officials have contacted me. And in the mist of a riot in Baltimore, is not a good look for me, my kid, and my business.

Drakhan stated that he was thankful for being given the opportunity to clarify the matter, and said that he too has been directly affected by the incident in Baltimore, after his business in New York City was looted, and $57,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. Drakhan then went on to provide his thoughts on race relations in America.


Anthoni L Drakhan

“These troubling times are about systematic racism & blatant inequality all over this nation – not ‘fu** cops’ or ‘fu** white people.’ The rioting is unnecessary, but since it’s already happened and you have their attention, SPEAK. The world has paid attention to your every move. Now is the time to express what this is about, why the people are angry. Otherwise you’re just giving them an excuse to label our causes senseless. I would hate to see another holocaust, but not for Jews but for any type sex, color, religion or creed. This scared me and saddens me at the same time!

We all bleed red, we all have the same parts; we all have two kidneys, a liver, and heart and a brain and again all HUMAN! And when man whatever sex (right now it’s white cops) hurts or targets someone because of their race, sex, creed or religion it’s WRONG!!!! Sad so so sad.”

Drakhan was not only falsely accused of this horrendous accusation, but it should be noted that he is an upstanding citizen of his community, who owns a boxing ring, two businesses, and frequently gives back to his community. Please be sure and share this story, so the truth can be revealed, and this man’s reputation can be restored!

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