Bag of Air From Kanye West Concert Selling On eBay For $60,000…and RISING!


We have all heard of silly items being sold on Ebay for ridiculous prices, but this one will leave you gasping. An eBay seller is auctioning a bag of air from an unspecified show from rapper Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour, and the price has gone up to a staggering $60,100!

The bag was listed with a starting price of $5.00 on Sunday, and, with three days to go, is in the middle of a bidding war between a handful of users.

Here is the most unbelievable part, the seller, Pennsylvanian eBay user stangeedon1, has no way to prove that it is even from a Kanye West concert. He claims that he “held bag open and sealed air in.”, but there is no evidence to show which concert he attended.

I guess you have to just trust the words written in marker on the zipped bag that read “air from Kanye show”.

Kanye West

Kanye West

If you are anything like me, you are shaking your head right now.  Who in the world would  waste $60,000 on a zipped bag?

Well it gets even better, he isn’t alone. Several other Ebay sellers are doing the same thing. A Texan eBay user is selling air from the same tour for $5.00 on a Buy It Now option, another has a starting price of $0.99.

Ebay user mkiuk1 from California is selling individual bags numbered 1 to 10 for collectors at a starting price of $0.99.

If that isn’t ridiculous enough, one Ebay user is selling a bagged “fart” from Kanye West, which has the reasonable starting price of just $5.00.


Is anyone else worried about the society we have become? I know I am.

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