BAD NEWS Smacks State Attorney Who Rushed To Arrest 6 Freddie Gray Officers

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced announced last week that her office would be filing second-degree murder charges against the six officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray, which game as a surprise to many, as her decision came about so quickly.

Hardly having the time to adequately consider the evidence in the case, many are wondering if the woman’s decision was politically motivated, as a way to perhaps satisfy the protesters, and prevent their chaos from spreading across Baltimore.

BAD News For Baltimore State’s Attorney, But You Might Like It

Page Croyder, a former employee of the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office is speaking out over Mosby’s apparent lack of regard for the justice system, and believes that Mosby could not only face a civil suit, but could also face criminal charges for falsifying evidence in order to illegally arrest the officers.

BAD News For Baltimore State’s Attorney, But You Might Like It

 “…Mosby has undermined the cause of justice rather than promoted it with her haste. She has created an expectation of guilt and conviction. But her own charging documents do not even support the most sensational charge of second degree murder, and they raise multiple points of doubt about other charges,” Croyder’s blog reads from the Gateway Pundit. “If no convictions occur, many will blame the system as unfair or unjust, when it may have been Mosby’s own lack of competence and/or ambition in bringing charges so quickly. However much her performance raises her to star status, she will have dealt a blow to the justice system.

And she has created a new expectation in the city: that police officers who arrest without what she considers to be probable cause (an often subjective standard) are subject not just to civil action (the current norm) but criminal action. Mere mistakes, or judgments exercised under duress, can land them in the pokey.

How about Mosby’s own mistake? Her case against the two arresting officers rests upon an “illegal” arrest. She says the knife that Freddie Gray was carrying was legal. But according to the Baltimore Sun, the police task force examined it and said the officers were indeed correct, the knife was spring-assisted and therefore prohibited. If so, it was Mosby who made the “illegal” arrest, and could be charged under her own theory of “false imprisonment.” And sued to boot, since she forfeited her immunity from civil action by doing the charging herself.

If I were a Baltimore police officer, I’d be looking for another job immediately. And as a Baltimore citizen, I may start looking for someplace else to live. When the police cannot depend upon the state’s attorney to be as thorough, competent, non-political, and fair with them as she is supposed to be with all citizens, none of us will be safe.

If this woman is playing with the lives of these officers in order to further a political agenda, hopefully she will get dealt a heavy dose of justice.

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