BAD NEWS For Manager Who Refused To Serve Military Vet At Her Restaurant

A manager at a Houlihan’s restuarant in Algonquin, Illinois, found out the hard way what happens when her veteran-hating antics get in the way of doing her damn job.

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Veteran Garrett Loughran, who served his country deploying four times to both Iraq and Afghanistan, was simply wanting to enjoy a meal at a local Houlihan’s restaurant with his mother and service dog, when the manager refused to seat them at a table.


The dog, which is trained to help him deal with his PTSD from the war, is allowed by law to be taken everywhere; a small factoid completely ignored by the manager.

“He had his red cape on that said he was a ‘service dog,'” Laura Wills, Garrett’s mother, stated. “We have the papers with us but she just said, ‘Well we don’t allow dogs in the restaurant. What type of service does he provide?’ And my son said, ‘You’re not allowed to ask that.'”

Garrett said after he was refused service, he was shocked by the treatment he received by the manager.


Garrett Loughran

“I expected that by this day and age everybody knows what service dogs are and they should be more accepting of veterans like me who have to have a service dog to acclimate themselves to this new world again,” he said.

Garrett’s family complained to Houlihan’s, and was sent a statement by a senior manager:

“There is no apology that is sufficient in this circumstance. This is inexcusable. I will ensure this is addressed and that no other person has to endure what you and your son did today. To be perfectly clear: Houlihan’s supports and appreciates all veterans and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for this country. We have and will always allow service dogs in our restaurants.”

Since the incident, Houlihan’s has fired the manager, and donated  $2,000 — which is the cost of training one service dog — to Pets for Vets.

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What an awesome establishment to not only fire the asshat manager, but to go above and beyond to make things right, after this veteran was treated in such a despicable manner.

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