Authorities STUNNED By ‘Unthinkable’ Mother’s Day HORROR

While most men spend Mother’s Day pampering the women in their lives, the scene at one Florida home was something dramatically different.

When Florida authorities arrived to the scene of a domestic disturbance call, they saw 46-year-old Michael Finn chasing his spouse across the yard with a knife, as she attempted to make her way to the safety of a neighbor’s home.

‘Unthinkable’ Mother’s Day Horror As Cop Arrives, Startling Find Made On Patio

The deputy was able to handcuff the enraged husband and subdue him, but not before Finn was able to stab his wife Kristin one one more time, adding yet another bloody wound to his wife as she stumbled towards the neighbor’s house.

It wasn’t until police got everything under control, that authorities made the chilling revelation: The couple’s 15-year-old daughter was on the porch the entire time, watching as her mother was mercilessly hacked to death with a knife, on the eve of Mother’s Day.

‘Unthinkable’ Mother’s Day Horror As Cop Arrives, Startling Find Made On Patio

“The violent death this mother suffered is unthinkable,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judds stated in a press release. “But the fact that the murder occurred in front of a child during Mother’s Day weekend is horrific. Michael Finn is in jail where he belongs, and we will work to ensure he never leaves and never gets another chance to victimize innocent people.”

Following his arrest, Finn has been charged with first-degree murder, where he remains without bond. Court records reveal that this wasn’t his first brush with the law, as his arrest record reveals multiple arrests for battery and domestic violence.

How absolutely horrific! How heartbreaking for the daughter, to not only lose her mom, but to witness the entire grisly murder at the hands of her father.

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