Assholes Who Kept Their Child Caged Like Animal Get UNBELIEVABLE Punishment

Two Missouri parents have been sentenced to seven years in prison for keeping their severely autistic son caged like an animal in the basement of their suburban home.

The couple was convicted of child endangerment earlier this month.

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The case originally came to light after an anonymous tip was called into authorities back in 2010. When child protective services inspected the home, they discovered the young boy, then 6 years old, naked and covered in urine and feces inside a cage kept together with zip ties and bungee cords.

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Some of the boy’s siblings were questioned and said that they hardly ever saw their little brother, but sometimes would sneak him food through the bars of his cage.

During the sentencing hearing on Friday, public defender, Courtney Harness ridiculously insisted that the couple only be given probation because “the large family needs two parents,” but Judge House denied the request stating that “the court finds no compelling reason to deviate from the jury’s recommendation of seven years and fines.”

Assistant Prosecutor Steven Kobal said the Missouri Department of Social Services will decide what will happen to the children.

Seriously? Only seven years?

Terry Smith and his wife Victoria are unfit parents in every sense of the word. Not even apologizing for their heinous actions, they should be stripped of their parental rights of their other five children. Sure, parenting can be trying at times, but this kind of treatment isn’t fit for animals, much less their own flesh and blood.

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