Armed Citizen Shoots Violent Criminal in Detroit (Video)

A bar owner in Detroit taught one would-be robber a lesson when he shot the assailant multiple times. The incident occurred in a city where the chief of police has urged more citizens to arm themselves, as crime and the threat of terrorism are on the rise.

The Daily Caller reports:

A man with a legally concealed weapon took matters into his own hands and shot a violent criminal attempting to rob him.

Criminal Felipe Orozco and his two accomplices had been terrorizing and robbing Detroit restaurants and food trucks in the Mexicantown neighborhood. Their luck ran out after attempting to rob the Happy Bar restaurant, according to Fox 2 News.

Orozco shot the unnamed owner of the Happy Bar in the leg during an attempted robbery. But Orozco got the surprise of his life when the bar owner pulled out his own gun and shot back, which resulted in severe injuries.


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