Angry Thug Confronts Whites On Streets, Gives Ultimatum To Bow To Blacks Or…

A disturbing confrontation was caught on video on the streets of New York City, showing just how bad the racial animosity has gotten between blacks and whites, following Obama and Al Sharpton’s endless quest to divide America on all fronts.


The incident begins as a member of the Five Percent Nation (an offshoot of the Nation of Islam) approaches a group of white hipsters in Union Square.

Then, an older black man begins an argument with the white kids, threatening to “turn this motherf**ker upside (down).”

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“Where’s your man at? I’ll get him first. Straight up, I don’t give a f**k,” yells the man. “I’m a thug, I’m from Brooklyn,” before referring to himself as the “King.”

Pissed at this point, one of the white hipsters jumps towards “King,” as other individuals of the Five-Percent Nation (one dressed in a “f**k the police” sweater”) move in to help break up the confrontation.


“You’re a dead man – I promise you,” yells “King” towards the man who confronted him.

Things then begin to escalate as a member of the black Islamic group states,  “That’s why I stopped him, because this motherf**ker should be bowing to him.”


Perplexed, one of the white kids filming can be heard saying, “Bowing?….Did this guy just say racist sh*t here….he should be bowing to him because he’s black?”

“And just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll time is coming, you’re all gonna die,” the Five Percent Nation thug quips.

“What do you mean ya’ll?” asks the man filming. 

“All of you people, and all of your derivatives, all of the people who love you!” he responds back.

It’s truly sad what’s taking place in America, as the rhetoric of the #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to be perpetuated upon us. Rather than focus on the issue police brutality, the movement has morphed into a hate-filled cult, brimming with angry blacks obsessed with making whitey pay.

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Obama must be so proud!

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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