A Trucker follows his instincts, and finds a young girl being tortured like you wouldn’t believe

 Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson

Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson


So many of us today just mind our own business when we see things that look a little suspicious. If trucker Kevin Kimmel would have done that, an innocent girl would be dead.

Kimmel was inside his rig, parked behind the Pilot station, when he noticed suspicious activity in an RV.

” I saw what looked like a young girl looking out the window, the black drapes didn’t make it look like a families’ RV, you know,” Kimmel said.

“I saw a guy come up and knock on the door then go inside the Pilot–then quickly came back and knocked again, all of the sudden the thing was rocking and rolling.”

Kimmel immediately called the authorities, and thank God he did.

When the police arrived, they found a young girl who was being forced into sex slavery by a couple from Iowa. She was malnourished and disheveled.

The affidavit reported the girl’s feet being punctured, nails being hammered into her, and that she even sustained severe burns from having a hot key pressed into her flesh. The key was how the traffickers branded the girl.

The couple, Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson, were arrested and are now charged with a federal crime of sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion.

Kimmel is being called a hero for his actions, but he says he was just happy to help her. “When I saw the young girl’s face, I said that’s not going to happen, I’ve got daughters and granddaughters.”

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. We all need to take note from Kevin Kimmel, and speak up when we see something questionable. It could end up being nothing, but it also could end up saving a life.

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