A Photo Just Surfaced That Exposes Jay-Z as a Hypocrite and His Black Fans are FURIOUS!



Jay-Z has always been admired in the black community. Ironically, his own rags to riches story disproves his theories about black people not being successful because of their race. He caused controversy last year when he wore a medallion that represented the Five Percent Nation. This radical group believes, “Whiteness is weak and wicked and an inferior nation”. Jay-Z also showed his racist views through his lyrics in a song titled “My president is black”. His verse went as follows,

“My president is black, he’s black, he’s half white/ So even in a racist mind, he’s half right/ So if you got a racist mind, it’s alright/ My president is black, but his house is all white. No more white lies, my president is black!”

Well, Jay-Z your president may be black, but your office staff is totally WHITE. An office photo taken at “Tidal”, the company Jay-Z owns, is causing outrage among his black supporters. As you can see, Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ONLY black people working there.



This may not have been a big deal if Jay-Z didn’t just throw a temper tantrum last week claiming the black community wasn’t supporting his new business the way it supports Apple, Nike and Google.

Jaz-Z even performed a freestyle rap in which he complains about black employment and accuses Google and YouTube of underpaying artists — or as he put it, “You know n***as die for equal pay right? ”

Apparently, black people don’t even get the chance to receive equal pay if they work for Jay-Z, he doesn’t even hire them!

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