Obama Says It’s “Perfectly Legitimate” to Say There’s a War On Coal

President Obama recently gave NPR an interview where he made comments that will infuriate many Americans on the issue of coal. Obama’s heavy handed ideologically driven regulations have put a serious drain on the industry, leading many to say the administration is waging a war on coal. The President actually said Americans are justified in thinking so.

The Daily Caller writes:

President Barack Obama says there are “perfectly legitimate” reasons to believe that there is a “war on coal.”

Obama made the remarks during an NPR interview airing on Monday as he was explaining that there are “perfectly good reasons” to object to his policies.

“If you’re living in a town that historically has relied on coal and you see coal jobs diminishing, you’re probably gonna be more susceptible to the argument that I’ve been wiping out the economy in your area,” Obama explained. “It doesn’t matter if I tell them actually it’s probably because natural gas is a lot cheaper now so it doesn’t pay to build coal plants.”

“If somebody tells you that this is because of Obama’s war on coal, well you know that’s an argument that you may be sympathetic to. And that’s perfectly legitimate.”

Obama’s pursuing his environmental agenda with no regard for the impact it will have on everyday working Americans.

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