Liberal Host Upset That Republicans Call Terrorists “Animals”

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews is offended that Republicans call ISIS terrorists “animals” and not something nicer like “bad people.” This attitude would be laughable it is was indicative of the general attitude on the left– including those in the White House.

The Daily Caller writes:

Matthews — speaking to Mother Jones’ David Corn — claimed that “Republicans now say it’s OK to hate Muslims,” reports News Busters.

“I mean, when you hear carpet bombing, there’s no way to hear that from Cruz without knowing a lot of regular people that just happen to live in those geographical areas will die because you’re carpet bombing. You’re not going after the bad guys. You’re killing everybody that’s there.” (RELATED: CNN Military Analyst: Carpet Bombing ISIS Would Violate Laws Of War)

“And also, ‘animals,’” Matthews exclaimed. “I mean, call them what they are, bad people. But what’s this ‘animal’ thing that Christie’s throwing around?”

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