ISIS Leaders Order Extermination Of Children With Down Syndrome

Islamic State religious leaders ordered all children born with Down syndrome to be executed immediately, reports Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye.

Unconfirmed reports claim ISIS Sharia judges have made a fatwa (religious decree or order) instructing ISIS fighters to murder “newborn babies with Down’s Syndrome or congenital deformities and disabled children.” The order allegedly came from Abu Said Aljazrawi, an ISIS Sharia judge hailing from Saudi Arabia.

According to Mosul Eye, 38 children have already been executed, mostly by lethal injection and suffocation.

Though the reports are unconfirmed, the fatwa does follow the same path as previous actions against children. In February, the U.N. reported ISIS was using children as sex slaves, human shields and bomb makers.

h/t Daily Caller News Foundation 

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